Swoole Coroutine FastCGI Proxy

4.x is outdated, please check the latest version 22.x

Latest version: pecl install openswoole-22.1.2

Swoole Coroutine FastCGI Proxy can be used to communicate with FastCGI servers like PHP-FPM. This proxy allows you to setup a Swoole HTTP server for example and perform a proxy pass over to a PHP-FPM server, allowing you to use a Swoole server in front for better scaling and performance. The proxy class is a wrapper around the Swoole FastCGI client, it will handle translating the request and response and communication for you. The main function that is most likely to be used is the $proxy->pass() function, this is what handles all the proxy requests/communication.

Even though the main function that you will predominately use is pass() this wrapper class comes with a range of other functions as well, some of these functions can be used to chain together a proxy pass to meet your requirements, for example, to set a timeout with the proxy pass you can do $proxy->withTimeout(3)->pass(...).

To understand more about this class and its methods you can view the source code on GitHub.

Version: Swoole: 4.5.0+

Available Methods

  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy::__construct
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->withTimeout
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->withHttps
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->withIndex
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->getParam
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->withParam
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->withoutParam
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->getParams
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->withParams
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->withAddedParams
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->withStaticFileFilter
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->translateRequest
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->translateResponse
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->pass
  • Swoole\Coroutine\FastCGI\Proxy->staticFileFiltrate

HTTP to FastCGI Proxy

This proxy pass functionality is commonly used to communicate between HTTP servers and backend PHP-FPM applications like WordPress. For a full FastCGI Swoole HTTP Server example checkout the WordPress Proxy Pass Example.

Last updated on August 31, 2022