Open Swoole Frameworks

Open Swoole ecosystem and PHP frameworks

Open Swoole is an open ecosystem and supports the most popular PHP frameworks: Mezzio, Laravel, Symfony, Slim etc.

Open Swoole & Mezzio Swoole (Zend Framework / Laminas Project)

Laminas Project, the enterprise-ready PHP Framework and components are community-supported, open source continuation of Zend Framework.

Mezzio-swoole enables an Mezzio application to be executed with the Swoole extension. This means you can run the application from the command line, without requiring a web server.

Open Swoole & Laravel Octane

Laravel Octane supercharges your application's performance by serving your application using high-powered application servers, including Swoole and RoadRunner. Octane boots your application once, keep it in memory and then feeds it requests at supersonic speeds.

Notice: coroutines are not supported yet



What is Laravel Swoole?

Laravel Octane works with Open Swoole and providing high performance PHP framework.

Is Laravel & Open Swoole production ready?

Laravel Octane is considered production ready when working with Open Swoole.

How fast when Laravel Octane running on Open Swoole?

Normally you can see 5x performance improvement and lower latency.

Why I can't start Laravel Octane with Open Swoole?

You have to use command php artisan octane:start --workers=4 --task-workers=6

Open Swoole & Symfony Swoole Bundle

Symfony integration with Swoole to speed up your applications.

Open Swoole & Symfony runtime for Swoole

The Runtime Component decouples the bootstrapping logic from any global state to make sure the application can run with runtimes like PHP-FPM, ReactPHP, Swoole, etc. without any changes.