OpenSwoole Supported Versions

How the OpenSwoole version system works? What you can except as a OpenSwoole community user? How we support OpenSwoole in the long term? Which version should be used or upgraded to?

OpenSwoole started to use a kind of CalVer and respects SemVer since 2022. The major version uses year number and we release major version including break changes once per year.

To better support the community users, OpenSwoole Group is aiming to release one major version each year including potential API improvement and BC changes, although we will keep the backward compliant as much as possible.

We may add new features and enhancement in a minor version release such as v22.1.0 or v22.2.0.

Once a new major version is released, the previous versions will only provide security fixes and major bug fixes.

You can always find the upgrade guide about how to migrate to the new versions.

Active Support version: v22.x
Security Support version: v4.x