Open Swoole 4.11.1 released with multiple bug fixes


Open Swoole 4.11.1 is a bug fix version release without API changes and new features.

Official Open Swoole version 4.11.1Official Open Swoole version 4.11.1

One major cookie parsing bug has been fixed within this version.

It is recommended to upgrade to Openswoole v4.11.1 as soon as possible.

List of changes in Open Swoole v4.11.1

. Fix postgres client metaData api bugs
. Fix cookie parsing bug causing cookie errors
. Fix memory leak in swoole_stream_select
. Fix compatible issues with old libcurl on centos 7
. Fix compatible issues for PHP 8.0 and Fedora, Centos 7

Thanks the Open Swoole Contributors

You can upgrade to Open Swoole v4.11.1 now:

pecl install openswoole

Or use Docker images:

docker pull openswoole/swoole:latest

If you need to install Open Swoole or look at other update methods, checkout the installation documentation and how to update Open Swoole.