Open Swoole IDE Helper released with enhanced type hinting for IDE


Open Swoole IDE Helper for v4.8.1 are released with enhanced type hinting. Developers can do code autocompletion within the IDE like VScode or PHPStorm.

Open Swoole IDE HelperOpen Swoole IDE Helper

This is a part of the type system and the DX (developer experiences) improvement of Open Swoole, the Open Swoole IDE helper is rebuilt and updated to v4.8.1 with corrected types and autocompletion.

You can find the open-source repo or download the package at or

If you are a composer user, you can install it with the command:

composer require --dev openswoole/ide-helper:~4.8.1

Once the Open Swoole IDE Helper is installed at your Open Swoole project repo, IDEs like VScode or PHPStorm does suggest autocomplete for methods, params and properties for classes.

If you have found any issues, you can look for help by submitting issues at

If you need to install Open Swoole or look at other update methods, checkout the installation documentation and how to update Open Swoole.