Open Swoole 4.7.2 released: bug fixes for PHP8.0, HTTP2 and enhancements


Open Swoole v4.7.2 is released with bug fixes for PHP8.0, HTTP2 flow control and enhancements.

We are now Open Swoole

Open Swoole is a fork of the previous Swoole extension since version v4.7.1, due to security issues and concerns of the ext-swoole and the responsibility to all our customers and users.

We are now changed to be Open Swoole, moved to to support openswoole in the future. The focus will be security and reliability to support upper layer frameworks and applications.

Start from 24th Oct, 2021, openswoole is the only project we are providing support services. All the users and customers are recommneded to upgrade to the latest version of ext-openswoole.

New identity

We are using a new handle: for the update from now on. And start to use a different logo to differentiate with previous Swoole.

Testing on the master branch or PR is welcome. You can report bugs and issues at

New extension name

Install openswoole in the future: pecl install openswoole.

If you are using composer, you can use ext-openswoole.

How to migrate from ext-swoole to ext-openswoole

You can expect the APIs to keep the same as v4.7.1, but you may have to take care of the following change when starting using openswoole:

The extension name is changed to be openswoole, so if you like to migrate to openswoole, you have to use the command pecl install openswoole to install the PECL extension.

You have to add the line in your php.ini file, bellow extension sockets.

You may have to remove and if you are upgrading to openswoole from swoole.

If you have a dependency on composer files, you have to use ext-openswoole.

If you are using extension_loaded in PHP, you have to change to be extension_loaded('openswoole').

If you are a docker images user, you can pull Docker images with the command docker pull openswoole/swoole.

List of changes in v4.7.2

1. Extension name changed to be openswoole
2. Bug fixed: PHP8.0 compatible issues
3. Bug fixed: PHP8.0 and Symfony HTTP client, Guzzle compatible issues
5. Updated Server id to be OpenSwoole-v4.x.x, Client id to be OpenSwoole/v4.x.x
6. Bug fixed: HTTP2 flow control bugs
7. Support ssl_ciphers in Swoole Client
8. Bug fixed: curl_multi_select CURL_SOCKET_TIMEOUT bug
9. Bug fixed: openswoole_postgresql compile issues on MacOS

You can upgrade to Open Swoole v4.7.2 now:

pecl install openswoole

If you need to install Swoole or look at other update methods, checkout the installation documentation and how to update Swoole.